Mmex Trophy Competition 2019
 Sponsored by Axminster Tools and Machinery

As an added interest exhibitors at the 2019 Manchester Model Engineering Exhibition are being encouraged to show operating models. All running models will automatically be entered for the Mmex Trophy. There is no limit to the number entries per club or individual.

Competition Rules:

  1. The Mmex Trophy will be awarded to the model which in the opinion of the judges shows the highest level of interest and quality.
  2. Models may be operated by any safe and secure means such as electric motor, compressed air etc. No coal or oil firing will be allowed and no large volumes of steam that may trigger the fire alarm system or cause personal injury. Any air compressor should be of a ‘silent’ type. Air receivers and pipework must be in good, serviceable condition.
  3. Models will be displayed away from the edge of stands or behind clear plastic screening such that moving parts cannot be readily touched.
  4. Displays should be arranged to be stable giving due regard to the motion and vibration caused by the operation.
  5. The judges decision will be final and binding. Models will be judged on visual impact of the operation as well as the standard of the model and engineering.


The trophy will be an Axminster Model Engineer Series Seig C0 Micro Lathe, a cash prize to the exhibiting club and a trophy to be retained in perpetuity by the model maker(s).

Here is a photo of the winning model from 2017, a steam powered joiners workshop by Phil Hopkinson.