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Manchester Model Engineering Exhibition is now as ready as it will ever be to welcome the model engineering fraternity.




Whilst the exhibition has been organised by the Northern Association of Model Engineers, supported by the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies, the actual organisation and the running has been the responsibility of just four people.Hopefully you will agree that they have provided a good, comprehensive show with much to see plus all your favourite trade suppliers to buy from.


However, MMEX is not aiming to be another Midland show or Harrogate (now Doncaster) show.  As Bob Hayter, our chairman, says we have not been over-ambitious in the venue or presentation.  This will be the first time that NAME has had an exhibition in the north since the 2004 Warrington show.  If ours is well received then we hope to run a similar one next year. MMEX is a pure model engineering exhibition: we don’t have space for boats, planes and trucks.  However, we are featuring ‘Timpdon Lake’ a 16mm scale (32mm gauge) live steam layout which will be running on both Saturday and Sunday.

Come along and enjoy. But buy your online tickets before Monday 22nd February!

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